Fickle flames kiss

Wax walls

While restless mourners dressed in shade

Wave against the wind like willows till

Air falls still as death’s cruel hand




Summer heat falls without prudence

Ornery and hot like the tip of a newly welded blade

Hilting into skin deep and unforgiving


There is hope in the day’s momentary flurry, when

The air carries wind like a light jacket


But even then

‘Tis only for

A spell




In the morning

I found recluse in the

Skin between your fingers

And the sweetness of your breath

Your touch like heavy wind

Meeting wave with rock






There’s an instant when

Recondite and foreign

The azure expanse bears its face and

Stricken grey with glutton

Ventures its dark reign




We sardine mom’s decrepit four-door

No one to be but reflections in the rear view

Bred too green for city life but

We don that subway glow

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