If I’d happened to be someone else
weaning myself dry from my silent spell
may have taken months
waiting for words to
find me again

“It was just a touch”

Find me again
drowned in this skin
I used to know before you
chose to
burrow under

Fingers seeping into soil and rooting in
a friend explained her process of
extracting similar roots
like foreign veins
we’d grown accustom to this

The same friend that
smokes herself to sleep in fear
those roots will find her again

By mere sense she learned the mold of mace and
how to wear her Woman in a public space
She demonstrated proper use as
finger wavered trigger–

If I’d happened to be someone else
reconciling air in my lungs
may have taken years

counting up hours into days
buried in a mangled garden of

Nights spent spinning back clock hands–

I mistook unwelcome hands with the gentle brush of a petal

but luckily

orchids grow
and heal
on their own

Luckily I was not someone else–

Someone so used to gardening open wounds that
trauma festers like a patch of weeds
wild and
unforgiving and
when the soil has dried and
sun has silenced into night
the only remedy is to
uproot the vein

If I’d happened to be
someone else

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